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Your browser window is divided into two sections or frames: a navigation bar on the left with buttons linking to various documents, and a main section on the right where document content appears.

The following icons are used for navigation:

Home_Icon Home: Return to the homepage of the ICT4LT website.
Contents_Icon Contents: A list of all the available modules at the ICT4LT website.
Glossary_Icon Glossary: An alphabetical list of technical terms and their definitions. The Glossary also acts an an index to the ICT4LT website.
Resources_Icon .Resource Centre: Useful references, a bibliography and Web links.
Search_Icon Search: Use the ICT4LT search engine to find specific words or phrases throughout the site.
Help_Icon Help: This document.
Contact_Us_Icon Contact us: Send a message to the Editor of the ICT4LT website using our Feedback Form.
ICT4LT_at_Blogger The ICT4LT blog: Clicking on this icon will take you to the ICT4LT blog.

Feedback and blog

If you wish to send us feedback on any aspect of the ICT4LT website, use our online Feedback Form or visit the ICT4LT blog.

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